Sufi whirling is a form of active meditation that is originated from the Sufi dervishes and the great poem Rumi back in the 13th century. Nowadays, this ritual is being interpreted by dancers around the world. The dance flows in a repetitive spinning motion, creating beautiful visuals with the dancer’s body and skirts.

Buket Rin gained experience in this mystical dance in one of its original locations, Turkey. She brings Sufi dance a surprising and fresh style with light and fire props to create an even more captivating experience for the viewers. The dance can be performed with double skirts, LED lights and fire. Sufi dance show goes very well on the stage with other musicians also. Want to see more about Sufi whirling? Check the videos and gallery section for the pictures.

Do you have a specific music or vision in mind for this act? Contact us to discuss and help us create your vision.

*Sufi dance can be performed with fire skirt too. This is a special act that requires safety. Please also check the FIRE SHOWS section for more information.

Whirling acts are great for …

  • openings

  • private and corporate events

  • yoga, music and dance festivals

  • music events & concerts

  • cultural events

  • magical gatherings

    and more.