Buket Rin’s approach to hoop dance combines exercise, acrobatics, and different forms of dance and movement. Flow, fun and mindful movement are the core elements of a hoop dance class.

IT is FUN! It gives you the feeling of self achievement and relieves the day’s stress. You learn all these things that once you thought impossible while dancing and playing.

Hoop dance classes fit all kinds of fun events, hen parties, birthday parties, team building and corporate events that want to bring people together and have some quality time. Colourful hoops are provided.

But what are some benefits of hoop dancing?

Physical benefits

  • Tones the muscles, it is a total body workout!

  • Burns up to 400 calories in a 1 hour hoop fitness session

  • Improves posture and strengthens the core

  • Increases stamina

  • Improves balance, coordination and flexibility

Mental Benefits

  • Connects body, mind and breath

  • Improves mood and relieves stress

  • Increases creativity and confidence

  • Promotes self-expression and achievement

  • Connects you with an awesome community


‘I have been attending Buket’s hoopdance class for a few semesters now and it is a great course! She is a wonderful teacher with much skill and amazing talent!’’


‘‘A fun and inspiring teacher, always has something encouraging to say.’’

‘‘I had Buket as a hula hoop teacher this autumn and I enjoyed every minute of the course! She is a great teacher and an awesome hooper!’’