Warm your party up and make your guests experience an elegant and exquisite fire show. Buket Rin offers breathtaking fire dance shows with hula-hoops, fire skirt, fans, swords and more. To discuss what kind of theme fits best for your event and ask for quote, fill in the contact form.

Do you need a partner fire act? Buket Rin also pairs up with other professionals and creates choreographed partner fire shows.

Please check the gallery and promo video to see more about the fire shows.

Book fire shows for …

  • opennings & closings

  • welcomings

  • corporate party and kick-offs

  • festivals and music events

  • weddings and birthday parties

  • cultural events

    and more.

* Yes, fire is dangerous and safety should be taken care of at the most professional level. Buket Rin is certified by Heta Arbeten and an insured performer.

* The equipment for the fire shows is provided by the artist unless otherwise is stated.

* Fire dancing, fire eating and small explosion effects are possible indoors as long as an agreement stating the safety procedure is signed and the safety requirements are met.